Monday, April 18, 2016

Amoris Laetitia

Over the last several days I have been reading Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhoratation “The Joy of Love” (AMORIS LAETITIA). What a wonderful document on the family. Whether you are Catholic or not, I must highly recommend it to everyone. It is rather long, it took me seven reading sessions to get through it, but your time is well spent. With the subject of the family, marriage, children, anything shorter would not do it justice. I would especially recommend it to young people contemplating marriage, newly married, and all married people as well. It is also very important to those who are divorced. I consider this document a gift to us from the Holy Spirit through the thoughts of Pope Francis.

Althought there is nothing like reading the document itself, here is a link that provides a summary:

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Black-out Day

Yesterday, Good Friday, for me was black-out day. Fasting, no television, Internet, Facebook, texting, emails or phone. How refreshing to spend the day without all the noise. I chose the day to pray and mediate on what our Savior did for us, and how I can become a better version of myself as God intended me to be.

Tomorrow, Easter, I will rejoice. I will be jumping up and down in joy. He is Risen! His suffering and death brought to you and me redemption and salvation. Alleluia! There is no greater love...