Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2008 Presidential Election

I am deeply worried about the upcoming presidential elections. I fear the election of a democrat. The last two presidential elections showed that our country is split about evenly. Most news stories focus on the democrat campaigns. Little attention is given to republican candidates. And that includes Fox News.

There is no strong republican candidate at this time. I hope one does percolate up in the months to come.

I like Senator Sam Brownback. I made a contribution to his campaign. But I don't see him strong enough. He is not getting enough national attention. It is a shame that someone like him, principled, moral and conservative can't capture national attention.

If a democrat gets in, God help us. Our troops will be pulled out of Iraq and we will have terrorists in our streets. We will have socialized medicine and our waits for medical care will be long as they are now in Canada.

I can only hope and pray that republicans and conservatives step up. I hope that all Americans will see the damage a democrat president will do to this country.

Remember always the words of Edmund Burke, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I didn't mention in my introduction that I am firmly and strongly pro-life.

My position coalesced many years ago when I was at my cousins house, we were watching TV and a news story was on about abortion. We started to talk about it. I knew in my heart it was very wrong. But I never addressed the subject before - it never touched my life - I didn't have the facts to argue my position.

So I started reading about it. My conviction became stronger and stronger. Soon I had the facts and my cousin would no longer talk to me about the subject because she couldn't argue the facts I presented.

I eventually started a pro-life group in my parish. And yes I did protest and pray at abortion mills - peaceably.

Has abortion since touched my life? Yes. I learned a female friend had an abortion when she was sixteen; her parents took her to the mill. Eventually her marriage failed. I had noted during my friendship with her that she didn't show love to her children, not did she love herself very much. I blame this on post-abortion syndrome.

At another time I had read a letter to the editor in my local diocesan newspaper. A girl had relayed her horrible experience and after effects of her abortion. As I read this story tears fell from my eyes. I wrote to the editor of my reaction to her letter. She contacted me through the newspaper and we had a long telephone conversation. She still remains in my prayers.

Abortion not only has a devastating effect on the baby - death, but on the mother as well. There are so many walking wounded out there.

To close this subject let me just say that a baby in the womb is not just a mass of tissue - ultrasound proves that. It is not a part of the mother's body, it resides in the mothers body - it has different DNA. There is no miracle that occurs in the passage through the birth canal. If it is a baby after birth, it is a baby before birth.


O.K. so I have to add my two cents to this blog craze.

To introduce myself I am Catholic, Conservative, Republican, and a Secular Franciscan. That should say a lot about me. Oh, I should also add that I just turned 59.

That done, now let me see how this blogger works...