Monday, August 9, 2010

5 Conversations/Goals for Catholic Activism

Thomas Peters of posted 5 Conversations/Goals for Catholic Activism. I found it interesting and thought I would share it.

They are:

1. the responsibility to vote Catholic, and the responsibility of Catholic politicians to act Catholic in office.

2. the fact that being truly Catholic means holding and believing everything the Church teaches with authority.

3. the fact that the Church is an uncompromising defender of life, and that Catholics provide concrete support to women who are tempted to seek an abortion.

4. the fact that the Church is not anti-gay, that it loves persons with homosexual inclinations so much that it will not stand by as they ruin their lives and endanger their soul.

5. the importance of the family, that the family is the fundamental building block of society and that government must protect and provide for the traditional family.

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