Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pope to lead worldwide pro-life vigil

Pope Benedict XVI will be celebrating a special Vespers service Saturday evening in St. Peter’s Basilica marking the beginning of Advent, in which he has called for special prayers for the protection of all human life, especially the unborn.
The Holy Father has asked that parishes, religious communities, associations and movements join him for evening prayer, in churches throughout the world.
“It’s the first time in history the Holy Father has done this,” says Joseph Meaney, the director of international coordination for Human Life International.
“It’s a wonderful time to do it,” he told Vatican Radio. It’s “the beginning of Advent, when we are thinking about the unborn Christ Child, waiting for the birth of the Christ Child – to think of all these unborn children that are also at risk around the world, because unfortunately something like a third of all pregnancies end in abortion today.” Listen to Joseph Meaney's full interview with Charles Collins: RealAudioMP3

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Lee Strong said...

Unable to get to a church where there was a vigil, I took time out this afternoon to say my rosary while focusing on life. The Joyful Mysteries certsainly lend themselves to reflecting on the unborn and their mothers.