Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Open Letter to NetFlix

I am livid! I got home from work yesterday and checked my e-mail. One item was from Netflix, which informed me of a rate increase. I couldn't believe what I read — you, increasing my fee by 33%.

Doesn't anyone at Netflix realize the state of the Economy? It is common knowledge that when the economy is bad, the first budget line item to cut is entertainment. I wanted to comment to Netflix my reaction and feelings to this ridiculous increase, so I attempted to call, and call, and call, and call. So I next tried to send an e-mail to Netflix, to advise them my reaction and feelings. But no, it is impossible to communicate with Netflix by e-mail.

So thank you Netflix. You ruined my evening, causing me to redial and redial and redial. For three hours and 45 minutes I attempted to contact you. Finally I got through — only to be on hold for over 15 minutes. Finally, I got someone to talk to, and I urged your representative to communicate to management how ridiculous this 33% increase, at a time of economic concerns, was ridiculous.

I consider this price increase, the inability to contact you by phone, the inability to contact you by e-mail — a slap in the face. This is my thanks for the years that I have been a loyal member of the Netflix community.

In my opinion, those responsible for this price increase should be fired. I truly hope that every Netflix customer cancels; I truly hope Netflix’s stocks plummet. Any business entity which treats their customers like you do deserves to be extinct.

You now have a choice, either rescind the price increase immediately or lose me as a customer. I expect in the future you will include the ability for your customers to contact you by e-mail.

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