Saturday, July 13, 2013

Four Ways that Same-Sex Marriage Will Affect You

It seems as if today everything is political correctness and we have all fallen into the trap. We tend not to want to touch certain topics for fear of being called intolerant or in fact of being ostracized. We don’t defend our faith either in our conversations with others or by our voting privileges. We will vote for those who we see will fatten out pocket books or increase the handouts we want, not because of our hard work, but because we deserve it. So we do not vote for those who reflect our morals and values, but for those who will give us the most. In the mean time we will put up with their agenda, corruption, patronage and anti-Catholicism. We do not defend our faith or our moral values because we are not knowledgeable of the issues. We go with the flow, we reflect what was said on the “news.”

We have become so desensitized after years and years of hearing the same mantras. We have accepted abortion, the killing of our unborn children, as normal. Every television program, sitcom, has its homosexual character, so it too, is normal. Faith inspiring programs are nonexistent, programs depicting a strong father figure are nonexistent, instead we have the wonderful figures of Homer Simpson and the Family Guy.

I was aghast that the entity I work for actually had a float in the recent gay pride parade in Chicago. It is one thing to tolerate, it is another to encourage. All in the name of political correctness. The news media gives this event an inordinate amount of coverage, but they will not show you or inform you of the offensiveness and disgusting nature of the things that go on at this event.

We are told that same sex marriage has no effect on us. We must be tolerant. Homosexuality is not aberrant, just a different normal. In the recent past we accepted the thought to hate the sin, but love the sinner. But today there is no more sin. Why? Because the law says so.

I recently read an article which showed that same sex marriage has a deleterious effect on us and our society/culture. Here is his fourth point:

4. Catholicism and gay rights are incompatible.

At present the Church, and all Christians of a traditional sort, coexist in a false and uneasy truce with the sexual revolution. There has always been sin in the world, of course, and Christianity and sin are always incompatible, but increasingly our world is one of sin normalized, institutionalized, made official. Think of the almost unbearable moral contradiction baked into abortion law, for instance. And of the inescapable conclusion that what the state says about abortion falsifies Catholicism.

Same-sex marriage, I think, will magnify this tension, perhaps to a point where it can no longer be smoothed over or ignored. The state and the culture say two persons of the same sex can marry; the Church says they can’t. This condition can’t endure. The Church’s position is just too great an obstacle—an insult—to the sexual liberation project, of which homosexuality has become the popular symbol.

So, you might ask, when the state and all the force of law say that our religion is false, that it is in fact bigoted, isn’t there a teensy chance it will affect us in some way? We don’t have to make wild predictions here—we just have to look at recent precedent. Viewed in the context of the fight against the HHS mandate and the state’s accompanying argument that religious freedom is really nothing more than “freedom of worship,” it seems clear enough that the logical terminus of legalized same-sex marriage is the forced relocation of Catholics to the closet—or the catacombs.

His other points were: Ideas have consequences; We all have to live in the world that SSM will create; and, Error has no rights. I encourage you to read the entire article. Here is the link.

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