Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another "Would You Believe This?"

Would you believe this?! Our government is spending tax dollars to listen to the Pope and other Vatican officials. Now there is a threat for you. In the meantime while we use our resources on the Vatican, I wonder what Al-Qaeda is doing. Cardinal George, all U.S. Bishops and Catholic entities, a warning, you are being bugged. Better be mum about those bingo games and the Adoration schedule.

Oh, and did you hear: “The Department of Defense classified Catholics and Evangelical Christians as religious extremists similar to Al-Qaeda.” This is your country, you voted for these people. Remember this. Elections are around the corner again. I would vote for my cat before I will vote for my congressman, er, politician, er,… [I better not say that].

As a Catholic, I'm sure the government has a dossier on me already.

Don't forget these were extremists too. I wonder...

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