Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas vs. Happy Holiday

O.K. Gear up, take up your shield and raise your sword as the assault on Christmas is again about to begin. Oh, I forget; it is not Christmas, it is a happy holiday - whatever that is - because without Christ there is no holiday. The retailers want it both ways; they want your money, but will not wish you a Merry Christmas. They will open on Thanksgiving evening, not even allowing the working stiffs a day off with their families.

   I am tired of one voice or a few voices ruining it for everyone else. Christ gave us all a mission to spread the Good News. Each of us are members of the Church Militant. We have a mission. I would tell you not to spend your money at any store that refuses to recognize Christmas, but then where would you go? as this is now pervasive. But we can fight back. Sweetly and lovingly wish every cashier a Merry Christmas. This is your celebration, it should not be taken from you.

   I'm all for growing the economy, we need to offset the loss of jobs due to the administration's policies, Obamacare, and taxes without end. But be thoughtful, you don't need to go broke with presents. That is secondary. Tell your children the real meaning of Christmas. Write a letter/email to an old friend. Patch up any of those stupid disagreements you have long forgotten why - take the first step - it doesn't hurt. Take someone out to dinner - better yet - invite them over for dinner and an evening together. Do an act of kindness to someone, anyone.

   Do not be afraid to bring your faith into conversations. Tell others what you believe. I bet they will find it refreshing and more often than not, they will agree with you.

   I am tired of seeing huge tin soldiers and frosty the snowmen on front lawns. What is that? Put a Christmas creche in your front window, put an angel somewhere on high.

   Most important, find some quiet time during the Christmas season, once a week, and thank Jesus for becoming one of us. Thank Him for all the blessing you received this last year and talk to him about your concerns. Let's not only fill the churches on Christmas day, but all during Advent, and extend it to all the year.

   Merry Christmas everyone!


Louis M said...

I am a militant "Merry Christmas-er" :)

A Secular Franciscan said...

I'll be wishing everyone Merry Christmas today as I don my red suit and sit on the throne at the mall today. (Yes, I know it's early ...).