Sunday, May 11, 2014

Easter Season, Easter People

Some of my Franciscan family, my faith community and friends know that when Easter season comes I encourage everyone to jump up and down with joy and shout “Alleluia.” Who cares if people think you’re crazy; we are an Easter people, we recognize that Jesus’ resurrection is the event that will gift us with everlasting happiness. So it is most fitting we rejoice. And not only during the Easter season, but year round.

People should ask, “What bring that person so much joy?” Be sure to tell them the secret.

In the 4/27/14 issue of Our Sunday Visitor, Gretchen Crowe reminds me of some things we should be doing during these eight weeks of Easter. Here they are:

Be joyful.
Increase quality family time.
Pick up a spiritual book.
Maintain spiritual devotions.
Follow the Faith.
Turn to the Holy Spirit.
Befriend a saint.

See her article here.

Happy Easter!

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