Sunday, July 26, 2009

St. Caesarius of Arles - Sermon 5

In continuing to read St. Caesarius's sermons I find yet another entitled "An Admonition that, for the Salvation of One's Soul, Harsh Preaching Not Only Should Not Be Rejected, But Should Even Be Sought with Ardent Longing".

Seldom, in fact hardly ever, do I hear a strong sermon, or as we say today, homily. Pastors today, it would seem, are afraid to call their parishoners from sin for fear of loosing their Sunday collection. But as St. Caesarius would say we go to doctors to heal our bodily ills and at some times at great paid. But we are not willing to accept a strong word to heal our soul.

If you would like to read this sermon see the link below. It is in Word 2007.

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