Sunday, May 13, 2012

Did You Hear Anything, Anything on Obama's Gay Marriage Declaration in Church?

As Deacon Greg wondered at The Deacons Bench: "Just curious, but I wonder how many Masses brought up Obama’s gay marriage declaration this week?"

"Good question. Did anyone out there hear anything about this from the pulpit this Sunday?"

It is a shame, so many priests are afraid to speak the truth and what our faith teaches.

It is all indoctrination. You can't watch a TV program without a gay character. What percentage of the population are they? Acceptance of homosexuality increases on average one percent a year, and during the Obama administration it is 5%. You children are being indoctrinated in school - remember the "Gay is Okay" tee-shirts being given away?

Hate the sin, love the sinner, but don't pretend or accept it is okay.


-Lou (Louis) said...
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-Lou (Louis) said...

(grammar error in previous post, sorry)

Father Charles suggested you.

What a breath of fresh air: OFS + Conservative + Republican??

Finding that another such animal exists may have just saved my OFS vocation (along with Fr Charles himself and a very good OFS friend).

Thanks Tom!

John Bloge said...

The Church's teaching on homosexual practice is clear: see paaragraphs 2357-58 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Church's teaching on disordered heterosexual practice is clear - check out the third part of the Catechism.

The Church's teaching on the ordination of those who suffer from same sex atraction is also clear: they should remove themselves from consideration!While we love every person, not every person has an authentic vocation to priesthood and certainly not women (see 1Timothy 2:12ff).

As Franciscans, we're called to be obedient to magisterial teaching on moral matters! We cannot accept the "Do what you want with your bodies and call youself Catholic" mentality!

St. Francis of Assisi didn't travel around selling fair trade coffee and strumming a guitar! He preached, lived, and loved the moral truths of the catholic faith!

See 1John 2:6! Let us all embrace chastity and ordered thinking!

John Bloge said...

Tom - forgive the spelling errors on my first submission. I corrected them. Please delete this and the first message and leave the second.

God Bless - John