Monday, May 6, 2013

Dr. Manny slams FDA's Plan B decision

Below is a link that will take you to a segment of Fox News. Dr. Manny Alverez speaks on the issue of giving 15 year olds the morning after pill. Is it not ludicrous that a teen cannot take an aspirin at school, but they can take the morning after pill, with the myriad of potential side effects without parental consent. We need to be aware of these issues and speak to them. Our society is going down the drain daily. The secularists are winning the battle, and I’m dismayed to say that this is because, in large part, Catholics have given up their morals and values to advance the agenda of their political party, or have voted their pocket books in hope that the government will hand out more and more free-bees, yet we know it will not get to the people in need but to corrupt politicians, waste, and fraud.

Politicians, once elected, begin a dynasty – the only way to begin correction is with term limits. Our forefathers never intended political offices should be careers – they were to be part time and they were to serve the people not their self-interest.

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