Friday, May 17, 2013


I started work early so I could leave early. Rush hour traffic of a Friday was not fun. But I knew it would be worthwhile. It is one of those things where you have never met the person, but felt a special affinity for that person. I was not able to make his funeral because of work commitments, but I decided to pay my respects after work today.

I am speaking of Jeremiah, the infant that was found in a cooler in a recycling center in Chicago Ridge. Although he was with us for a very short time, he was/is very much loved. The Chicago Ridge Police and Fire and many others were at his funeral Mass and burial.

Jeremiah has been on my mind a lot, as it is beyond my comprehension how anyone, anyone could do such a thing, especially all that was needed to be done was drop him off at a fire station or hospital – no questions asked. I dread to think what he experienced in the cooler; asphyxiation? Starvation? No one but God heard his cries. Jeremiah was just a little older than most of his brother and sisters who have been killed by choice. But Jeremiah and the others didn’t have a choice, did they?

It has been hard to digest the news of Jeremiah and the Gosnell trial. Yet I am aware of the numbers, 3,800 a day nationwide, 57,000 a year in just Illinois. I is so frequent we almost become acclimated to it – well no we don’t. If there is a benefit to Jeremiah’s death and the infants under Gosnell’s knife or rather scissors, it is that the media was forced to write about it.

As I approached the children’s section of Holy Sepulchre it was disheartening to see only one date on some of the head stones; birth and death on the same day. Others only a few days, months, or a year.

I spent some quiet time with Jeremiah, there were still flowers and a ribbon with his name.

I noticed many of the markers said little angle or something like that. How true. For with God’s love and Jeremiah’s total innocence, how can he be anything but an angel.

Jeremiah is one reason why I do what I can for pro-life.

Below are some links about Jeremiah’s funeral and an editorial from the Tribune:

And here are some pictures from the children’s section:

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