Sunday, August 26, 2012

Obama Rejects Pro-Life Catholic Cardinal's Benediction at DNC

From Breitbart, 8/24/2012:

President Obama and the "social justice" Democrats have just told Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan they don't want him at their convention next month, according to the New York Post. Earlier this week, the GOP announced that Cardinal Dolan will be giving the benediction at next week's Republican National Convention:

President Obama turned down a chance to have Timothy Cardinal Dolan deliver a prayer at the Democratic National Convention after Dolan told Democrats he would be “grateful” to deliver a blessing in Charlotte.

Dolan — considered the top Catholic official in the nation, as head of the Archdiocese of New York and president of the Conference of Catholic Bishops — tipped off Democrats a few weeks ago that he had agreed to deliver the prime-time benediction at the Republican convention in Tampa next week, Dolan’s spokesman Joseph Zwilling told The Post.

“He wanted to make sure that they knew that this was not a partisan act on his part and that he would be just as happy and grateful to accept an invitation from the Democrats as he would to have received one from the Republicans,” said Zwilling.

"He has not been contacted by them” since, he added.

Read the rest of the article here.


-Lou (Louis) said...


PLEASE tell me that you think that Obama is going to lose.

I need the pick me up.


-Lou (Louis) said...
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-Lou (Louis) said...


I am wondering if your policy is not to answer comments. If it is, could you break that policy just this once and let us know that this is indeed the case?

Thanks :)

Tom, S.F.O. said...


I apologize. There are so many things that pass my desk on a given day, it is hard to keep up. I am bad at reading comments to my posts, and bad at keeping up on the blogs I follow on Google Reader. You are right; it is not appropriate for me not to respond. I will try to improve in the future.

Well, regarding your comment of 8/27 I can respond with obama's own words: there is hope and there is change. I think it is pretty sad that he cannot campaign on his record - there is no record, as there was no record when he was a U.S. Senator and an Illinois State Senator - voting present or not bothering to vote at all.

I fluctuate back and forth as to what I think the outcome of the elections will be. A lot of people are resigned to him being re-elected - if so God help us. There are over 50% of people on the public dole versus productive people. They will want to nurse off the Government as long as they can. I expect there will be riots if obama does not win, as in Greece, for once you start giving people something you discourage them from earning it themselves. It is hard to wean people off the government's teat.

On the other hand I still believe in the American people, yes, many made a mistake in 2008 and they now regret it. They were bamboozled. Now they know the truth.

Every generation has their challenges. Turning this country around is now ours. As the Great Generation, we have a war on our hands and we must rise to the occasion. It is not so much for us, but for our children and grandchildren. So we need to be vocal as the politically correct minorities are, homosexuals, feminists etc. We need to know the issues, so we can properly respond to arguments from the other side. We need to be a little more "in-your-face" but peacefully.

We have a responsibility. To our progeny, our Nation, and our faith.

-Lou (Louis) said...

Thanks for the reply!

I am the other conservative Republican OFS in the United States. :D

I pray for a Romney landslide. The Dems just have to find their way and become pro-life and pro-real marriage. I am tired of sweating out Presidential elections.

Thanks again for the reply! Love your blog.


Tom, S.F.O. said...

And thanks to you for your kind words. See, I'm doing better in replying already.

Yeah, we got a lot of praying to do. 'Course not only am I praying for a change of Administration, but for a super-majority in the Senate and the same in Congress. It is the only way we can get anything done.

Do what you can. I am.