Sunday, August 26, 2012

Road to Emmaus

There is a walking path very near my house that circles around some wetland. I would guess about ¾ mile in circumference. Recently, I’ve been taking advantage of it when I can, usually in the early morning. It’s a great way to admire God’s creation, the sights of trees, ponds, animals, birds, and geese. Their sounds add to the experience along with the chirping of crickets. Then, of course, the lovely sunrise: the sky, the clouds. It is also a great time to get lost in your thoughts and to pray.

This morning I decided to pray during the first lap; praise, thanksgiving, petitions. The second lap I tried not to think at all. To just enjoy the environment and give God a chance to talk to me if He so desired to do so.

The third lap I decided to feel God’s presence that he was walking beside me. I entered into a conversation as with a friend. Mostly about current events, my concerns, the economy, the elections, etc.

Then Emmaus came to mind; Jesus walking along the road with His disciples. They too were grappling with the events of their time; seeking to understand, wondering what these events were all about. Jesus, still not recognized, helped them to understand. Then finally they did recognize Him when He broke the bread.

As I walked with Jesus my thoughts continued. The road to Emmaus is a metaphor for the road we walk in life. Along the way, there are various people who walk this road with us; mostly family, relatives, friends, co-workers. Some may walk with us the rest of our lives – spouses, children. Some may be with us for only a brief moment, perhaps only a word or two.

As we walk with God we are provided with many things: first of course, is love, then assistance, advice, encouragement. So too, are these people. Often they provide the same things. Is this not also Jesus walking with us? As the disciples recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread, we too recognize God in others in Communion at Mass. We need to embrace these people in our lives, literally or figuratively. Those who feed us, love, encourage, assist, in whatever way, those that emulate Christ we should stay close to, break bread with them, spend time with them, walk with them.

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