Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dems Delete God from Platform

So I'm getting ready for work today and listening to the radio.

I hear the Democrats
have deleted "God" from their platform. How anyone in their right mind can remain a Democrat is, really, beyond my understanding. Three times they took up the question by voice which requires a 2/3 majority. Three times the cry "No" was easily louder than the "yes"s..

Unbelievably, the speaker passed the change against the wishes of those in attendance. So now God has been deleted from their platform.

If this does not kick obama in the butt nothing will. But Clinton's degenerate activity in the Oval Office, and his waste of cigars, didn't hurt him at all. In fact, he is still on a pedestal giving a keynote speech.

I see no redeeming value for the Democratic party. Those still embracing it have no values, no ethics. They only think of their wallet and another government handout, a job  and pension for life no matter how incompetent.

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