Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fortnight for Freedom - Bishop John Carroll, First Catholic Bishop in the U.S.

I ran across a good article in The American Catholic it speaks of John Carroll first bishop of the United States and patriot.

It quotes George Washington in his Farewell Address, which I quite here, as it is something to think about:

The last act of his supreme magistracy was to inculcate in most impressive language on his countrymen, or rather on his dearest children, this, his deliberate and solemn advice; to bear incessantly in their minds, that nations and individuals are under the moral government of an infinitely wise and just providence; that the foundations of their happiness are morality and religion; and their union amongst themselves their rock of safety: that to venerate their constitution and its laws is to ensure their liberty.
 You can read the entire article here, it includes a short video on John Carroll.

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