Thursday, June 7, 2012

Islamic Immigration or Let's Make Babies - Quick!

A couple of months ago I was at a community expo representing my parish, handing out information, and answering questions. The booth next to us happened to represent the area's Islamic mosques. I was quite surprised, toward the end of the day when there were less people about, one of the Islamic men can over to me and tried to convert me on the spot. He was a little pushy and insistent. We discussed some points back and forth and I was surprised he knew the Holy Bible quite well, at least chapter and verse supporting what he was attempting to get across to me. I could see how some people weak in their faith might listen to their arguments. I conclude Muslims are trying very hard to convert Christians. We know what is unsaid is that if you are not a Muslim you should be dead. Shortly after this I boned up a bit on Muslims, reading some Catholic apologetics about the Muslim faith. The Koran has never been studied as our Bible has been. It has never undergone any exegesis. There has never been independent corroboration that Muhammad even existed. It is postulated that it was written by a Jew. Today, someone sent me a video on Islamic immigration into Europe and America (see below) I was mildly surprised of its content, as I have known from various sources in the past that Europeans and Americans have a very low birth rate, so low, that we are not replacing ourselves, though our population stays up due to an enormous amount of legal and illegal immigration. I did a little research and found an article disputing some of the numbers, though it was posted by an interfaith organization which indicates a desire to show the Muslims in a positive light. But the fact remains that their birth rate is a lot higher than ours or the Europeans. So it is not wrong to acknowledge the shifting demographics. The video is about three years old. I also found a report on the same topic in an interview with a writer,(below). which is two years old. Now, what happens when Muslims become the majority? Will they be as tolerant of us as we are of them now? I think not, knowing their various stances and history. Their history from they very start was to conquer and convert, or else! By coincidence, also today, I ran across the picture below. I apologize for it being graphic, but at times visualizations are necessary. I had not seen this before and I tried to validate it. Have you heard of the Armenian genocide? You only need to do a Google search for images and see the Wikipedia article. (Below: A line of naked crucified Armenian girls). I am not saying the sky is falling, but the facts are disturbing, and I fear and wonder what is going to happen. You can surmise the future yourself. We are killing our culture from abortion and contraception. We need to evangelize those of our faith who are un-churched, and yes, we need to start making babies.

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