Sunday, June 24, 2012

Open Letter to U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (IL) - Religious Freedom

Dear Senator Kirk,
I have refrained from contacting you as I am fully aware of your medical concerns, and I am not sure how deeply your staff is able to carry your workload. But today, in consonance with the "Fortnight for Freedom", I find I must contact you as I am very concerned the direction our country is taking regarding religious freedom, freedom of conscience, and the protection of marriage. As a Catholic I am appalled the government has infringed on our liberties over and over again and now they are forcing Catholic Institutions to pay for contraception and abortifacients. If I were a Catholic employer I must pay, my staff must pay, for things that are morally objectionable to us; just like we will be forced to by health insurance even if we decide not to. This is the first time that I know that the government will force us to buy something, and that something which is against my moral conscious.
Senator Kirk, I will not, I should not, I cannot comply. These fourteen days of "Fortnight for Freedom", I have been and I will pray, make known this issue in my circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances - I will catechize them of the Church's teachings, I will fast, and do works of mercy to bombard heaven with my plea. As my Senator I beg you, on my knees if necessary, to reverse this mandate, return our freedoms, and do all you can to bring Christian morality and values back to our government and country.
And I ask, sir, why have the Muslims been exempted from this mandate and not all people of faith?
With deep respect and with continued prayers for you and your family.

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