Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fortnight for Freedom - Day 1

As promised, I have written to my U.S. Senator, Dick Durbin.

Yes, I know you are a Democrat and you identify yourself as a Roman Catholic. But not a Catholic in my book, as you do not share any values or morals that I do. I only need to mention abortion.

Today begins the Catholic Church’s effort called Fortnight for Freedom; an effort to protect our religious freedoms which your party has taken away from us through the HHS mandate. Rather than you doing something to protect my, your, our religious freedoms - incredibly - you are worried about criminals in solitary confinement - may I remind you that they put themselves there through their criminal acts and violence.

On the other hand, I have been a good citizen all my life and what does your party do? but take my liberty away, my God given right, my First Amendment. I will not, I can not, I should not comply.

You may continue calling yourself a Catholic, but one day you will meet your maker and will have to explain your actions.

You have made a career of being a politician, while you should be a statesman. Your party’s policies, your votes, have destroyed our nation. We are borrowing 40 cents on every dollar you spend - your grandchildren, my grandchildren will have to pay all this back with interest. One cannot even comprehend the enormity of the debt caused by your tax and spend policies and purchasing votes and thereby creating a government dependant society. How many more cell phones will you give away? Shame on you.

As a Catholic I will pray for you, but I hope after you are up again for re-election you never spend another day in office. You have done enough evil and injury to America. But then again you are set for life on the taxpayers dollar.

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