Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aesthetics - Woodworking - Peles Castle

There is something about the beauty of hand carved woodworking that touches me. I was struck by it years ago visiting the J R Watkins Mansion in Winona, MN. Then there were the choir stalls in Assisi. Sadly, this is all but a lost art. We can never duplicate this work today, not only because we lack master wood carvers, but the cost would be prohibitive, not to mention finding the wood itself.

Today I ran across some pictures of PeleČ™ Castle in Romania. I had not heard of this before and was highly impressed. Here are some samples:

Peles Castle - Wood Carved Spiral Staircase

Peles Castle - Dining Room

Peles Castle - The Honour Hall

You can see the Wikipedia article on the castle here.

More pictures can be found here.

And the official web site is here.

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