Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fortnight for Freedom - Day 11

Today, it is time again to write to another political leader, so I write to Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois. I hope others who read this will take the time, and have the courage to write their elected representatives to defend and protect our religious liberties.

An Open Letter to Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn

Dear Governor Quinn,

As part of the Catholic Church’s initiative called “Fortnight for Freedom,” as a fellow Catholic I write you with my views concerning your administration and our religious freedoms.

I write this with as much charity as possible, yet as a Catholic I am obligated to point out some matters to you with prayers and hope that you will amend your positions. I am taught that if a brother or sister sin we must point out their errors to them. If they do not listen it is on them, but if I say nothing, it is on me.

It is difficult to understand how we are so diametrically opposed to each other. We both identify ourselves as Catholic, we both went to Catholic grammar and high schools, you went to Georgetown, a Catholic University, yet you are 100% pro-abortion, and I am 100% pro-life. You favor gay “marriages” while I work to strengthen the family. Your actions and policies have caused a grave injustice to the Catholic community.

You have a gifted background, a gift from God, to have become a great statesman, but you chose the route of political expediency by discarding your Christian values and morals. One day you will meet your maker and will have to explain yourself. Have you not sold your soul?

The Catholic Church not only suffers now because of the Federal HHS mandate and the recent Supreme Court ruling, but it suffers from policies of your administration and the liberal/Democratic ideologies. From the very start Catholics have served the people of Illinois and the Unites States in charity and at times courageously. We opened schools, universities, opened hospital after hospital, and myriads of other outreach and charitable efforts.

The thanks we have received is the demand that we violate our religious principles. We were a highly rated adoption and foster care provider, serving one out of five adoptions, I believe. Then came the legislation which you approved recognizing homosexual marriages. We told you we could not throw out our morality, but we would make referrals to other agencies. But that was not good enough for you. You demanded we provide these services to homosexual couples against our faith and morals. And so we had to close shop. This was a great loss to the people of Illinois.

There are other numerous anti-Catholic actions and policies that must be condemned. So please do not degrade the name of Catholic by identifying yourself as one. You may call yourself one, but your actions surely don’t represent one.

I will pray for you so that somehow you have a change of heart and become the man your Creator intended you to be. If you are a Catholic then you must defend Catholics and all religious freedoms.

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