Friday, July 27, 2012

The Parable of the Talents - Matthew 25:14-30

Over the years we might read a passage over and over again, and Jesus' message just does not hit us. We may read a chapter at a time and don't isolate our minds to one particular passage. Then one day we have an epiphany, we get it. This happened to me today.

So the master gives a certain amount of talents (read gifts, abilities) to care for until he returns (read until the Son of Man returns). The two use their talents (an interesting play on words in English - talents (money) and talents (abilities)) for the greater glory of their master (God). The one hides his talents. Perhaps he wants to play it safe, doesn't want to be hurt, is involved with his own world.

We are all called to use the gifts that God gives us. We call this today stewardship; time, talent, and treasure. Some of us see God as a harsh master, or think of themselves only, or perhaps they never opened the money bag to determine what their treasure/talents are. While others see themselves part of a community; that they are to share their gifts with others.

The master's responses contrast strongly: "Well done, good and faithful servant!" versus "You wicked, lazy servant!"

One day we will stand before the gates of Heaven. How will be be greeted?

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